Medvjedak and Mrsinj Hills

Explore the beautiful and thickly forested ridge adorned with a famous lookout point and a proud hill that remembers numerous and turbulent historical events.

Medvjedak Hill

Eight kilometers long hill Medvjedak (Medvjeđak) is a natural extension of Mount Licka Pljesivica of the north-west direction. Medvjedak and Pljesivica share core natural features and differ only in hight, Medvjedjak Hill of course having a lower elevation than the mountain. The central part of the hill has two rocky peaks, forms of which are pictorially described by their names: Sharp-topped (884 m) and Round-topped Medvjedak (868 m).

Educational trail in the Plitvice Lakes National Park will take you to the hill tops and once you make it to the Ostri (Sharp-topped) Medvjedak you will be able to enjoy spectacular scenic views.

Ostri Medvjedak Lookout Point

An easy, relaxing hike will lead you to this spectacular viewpoint of the gorge with the sixteen lakes nested between Kapela and Licka Pljesivica. The view on the upper lakes is especially nice in the late autumn and winter when leaves are fallen and the forest's plants enjoy a long winter's nap.

The scenic view was so inspirational that already in 1900 the then state aerarium made the forest path at the request of the "Society for the landscaping and beautification of the Plitvice Lakes and its surroundings". The forest path was then given a name, they named it Blanka's Path after the member of the then ruling dynasty.

Plitvice Lakes National Park has secured several educational trails to present the impressive biodiversity of this protected area. Medvjedak Educational trail is one of them.

A special feature of this site is a valuable beech wood ecosystem, which requires a special protection!!

 Hike to the peaks of Mount Medvjedak, learn something new and enjoy the scenery, the trail begins descending into the woods on the right end of the car park near the entrance 2:

  • heading south, the trail ascends gently up the beautiful Blanka's trail toward the saddle;
  • from there you can take a right turn to the top Ostri Medvjedak or left turn to the top Tupi Medvjedak;
  • the way down will take you to the village Rastovaca near the entrance 1;
  • you can, of course, start your walk from the entrance 1 as well;
  • duration of ascent is 1.30 h.

Mrsinj Hill

The Mrsinj hill spreads in north-south direction and is located in the region where the Lika highlands enters into Mala Kapela with the summit Mrsinj at 1259 m and the higher summit Nikina plasa at 1268 m.

Due to hill's strategically interesting position in the past, the medieval fortress Mrsinj was built just bellow the top at 1097 m.

Here are a few interesting facts about the fortress:

  • a good strategic position of the fortress allowed the control of the very important water source - Vrelo Koreničko and the movement of people in the Bijelopolje field;
  • in the mid 13th century Mrsinj was also the seat of the Krbava diocese;
  • from 1486 till the Ottoman invasion of Lika, Mrsinj was in the possession of the famous Croatian noble family Frankopan, the Dukes of Krk;
  • with the Turkish conquest, the history of Mrsinj-town drastically changes. Mrsinj was conquered in 1527 together with the area of Krbava, and eventually heavily damaged;
  • and there are more interesting historical facts about Old Mrsinj, find them under Remains of the medieval fortress Mrsinj.

Today, the Mrsinj hill and the remains are visited by hikers and recreationists. The trail starts on the right side of the road from the direction of the Plitvice Lakes, just after a nearby gas station, and is maintained by the Mountaineering Society "Mrsinj" with the help of the Municipality and the Tourist Board of Plitvice Lakes.

Visit this historical site and enjoy:

  • a view of Korenica and Korenica field, the mighty Mount Pljesivica and the summit Gola Pljesivica at 1646 m
  • a nice walk past the scattered villages, meadows, and forests to the remains of the former center of the northern Krbava diocese
  • or continue your walk to the Bunici village by the road Korenica - Gospic, for about 1 hour.

The ascent from the remains to the Mrsinj top takes about 30 minutes. All ascents are easy with lovely views, all the more reason to experience them all. Find more inspiration under Events and Activities and Monthly Experience Ideas.

Together for Nature

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  • please take litter with you - leave no trace;
  • bring reusable water bottles - avoid plastic
  • join our Green Mission!
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