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Zeljava Air Base Hike&Bike

Explore an intersting area around one of the largest underground airbases in Europe - Base Željava. Take a biking or walking tour with local guides who will help you discover many interesting spots in the vicinity of the base. At this moment the base is closed to the public, but with a little help from local guides you will discover a number of very interesting places and activities in the vicinity of the base and the border area.

Find more interesting info about the Base and our plans under Explore Local.

Support hardworking and responsible local people who run various associations, small arts & crafts businesses or companies that are leading the way in promoting the revitalization of life in their villages. Support them because they work hard to sustain life and keep young people in villages around national parks - such as sightseeing or adventure guides, family farms, caterers, accommodation providers and others. Thank you!

The Plitvice bike & bed agency from Rakovica offers wonderful cycling or mountaineering tours for all fitness levels, and one of the tours will take you in the direction of the Željava Base, including the part of the Base located at the very top of the northern part of the Licka Pljesivica mountain, Gola Plješevica. You can choose between 3-hour or 8-hour tours during which the guides will introduce you to local attractions and services, and if you do not have your own bike, they will provide you with one, as well as a helmet. 

Great and professional guides, contact them via email for detailed arrangements:  
Plitvice bike & bed
Grabovac 257, 47245 Rakovica
cell: +385(0)98 964 7051

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