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Sensory Experiences - Ranch Deer Valley

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The Bicanic family from Drežnik Grad provides its guests with a unique sensory experience of close contact with beautiful and graceful creatures - deer, and a few other animals. The family farm Bicanic will provide you with this warm experience in Drežnik Grad, Municipality of Rakovica, near the River Korana Canyon and the Old Town of Dreznik.

In today's time when men's alienation from nature is reaching its own extremity this wonderful initiative enables us to feel the wildlife and renew our connection with nature.

In view of the current situation, be sure to plan and arrange all details ahead:

- check the current working hours and terms of visit, from 9:00 - 15:00h;
- make contact at least 5 days before the desired arrival, especially if you plan a weekend trip, because the number of visitors per group is often limited;
- follow the weather forecast so you don’t get deprived of new experiences.

Ranch Deer Valley
Ranč Dolina Jelena
Drežnik Grad, Hrvatska
Mob: +385(0)99 653 2322

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