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Plitvice Autumn Fitness Break

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Let's think of autumn/fall as the start of something new - a new healthy routine. Hiking, biking or some other fitness options will help us stay fit and improve our heart health, stamina, and mood.

 Let's embrace everything awesome autumn has to offer and transition into a healthy routine.

Walking, running, and stretching outdoors, fitness exercises or spa and wellness indoors.
Indulge in health and fitness at The Hotel Jezero Fitness & Spa Center!

Autumn harvest is bringing a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables to restaurant menus - explore them at local restaurants.

By visiting national parks in the off-peak season we can help in necessary protection of natural heritage and resources that are threatened by a large number of visitors during two summer months. Enjoy the serenity of nature, discounts, cheaper tickets, and fewer crowds. 
Thank you for your cooperation and care!!

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