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Ozeblin Summit via Krbava - your new 1657m challenge

Experience truly wonderful highlands, forests, and beautiful views from a grassy dome which is known for its rare flora composition - Ozeblin.

While there, embrace the opportunity to visit ancient Udbina and the lookout above the historical Krbava Field where the tragic Battle of Krbava took place in 1493 between Croatian army (mostly untrained peasants) and the Ottoman Army (mostly highly trained killing machines - akinji or akindji). The Battle, which resulted with the total defeat of the Croatian Army where many Croatian noblemen perished, was estimated to have killed between 10, 000 - 13, 000 Croats and around 1, 000 Ottomans. The horrible battle was fought face to face with swords, leaving behind the single most shocking scene with more than ten thousand mutilated corpses. Since then, the Krbava field became known as the "Field of Blood". 

Now back to beautiful Mother Nature, vital to our wellbeing and survival!

There are two known ascents to Ozeblin, but for now the markings are provided for the one that goes over the Kuk Pass (1135 m). The access to Kuk, also the starting point of the trail marked with hiking signs, goes via the old road Udbina - Donji Lapac (about 14.6 km long). The trail leads partly by a forest road and partly by a marked forest trail.

As many as seventeen mountain peaks can be seen from Ozeblin, including Dinara (a colloquial name Sinjal), the highest mountain peak in Croatia (1831 m) and one of the highest peaks of the Dinaric Alps or Dinarides.

To ensure interesting and safe climb, and at the same time to provide support for local mountaineers who maintain trails, we kindly suggest that you arrange a guided tour and rely on local guides from MC Ozeblin. These are their contacts: 

MC Ozeblin Stjepana Radića 6, Udbina 
Dane Korica, the president 
cell: +385(0)98 975-7163 
Milan Uzelac cell: 
cell: +385(0)98 133-6955 

Help us preserve valuable natural resources for future generations:
walk, ride a bike - help keep the air clean;
leave no trace in nature, take your litter with you;
preserve rare wildflowers - many are rare and picking flowers now means fewer or no flowers in future;
be considerat to wild animalse - we are on their territory! 

Join our Green Mission! Thank you for caring!

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