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Natural Beauty - Mighty Strbacki buk

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Don't let your mind and body deteriorate, with continued gloomy news taking a short break in nature will help your mental and physical wellbeing. 

In our case, we offer one more sight and the sound you will never forget - the powerful 24-meter high Strbacki rapid at its wintery fullest without having to battle crowds.

Although powerful, this complex karst ecosystem is also very fragile and particularly vulnerable to various impacts. Escape the crowds and have a fully immersive experience while helping us to preserve the unique natural beauty of the Strbacki rapid.

Seize the opportunity and walk the nearby educational trail "Paths of the past" with the remains of ancient towns, fortresses, and towers.  

!!Beware of your direct sun exposure!!

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Una National Park 
Tel / fax: + 387(0)37 221-528 

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