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Mindful Nature Photo Safari tours

Our destination, enriched with 2Parks, offers a great way to get back to nature and escape from modern-day hustle and bustle. Watching and photo documenting wildlife, patiently and quietly, gives us a perfect chance to clear our minds from all the 'noise' and stop the constant chatter and mental tapes that rule us - silence them while observing wildlife! 

The greatest threat to all wildlife on our planet is habitat loss, but with hunting humans have wiped out many animal predators and have provoked a systematic imbalance in nature. Let’s bring about change through knowledge, let's approach nature with love and - a camera!

Arrange your wildlife experience several days before:
Una RC Kiro Rafting, Golubić bb, Bihać
tel: +387(0)37 361-110;

Some useful tips:
Treat the landscape and its inhabitants with respect! Approaching too closely threatens their survival, and causes increase in stress levels and consequently an unpredictable wildlife behavior. Watch for defensive warning signals and react accordingly by pulling back or leaving the area entirely. The best way to safely photograph wildlife is from observation area (hunting lookout tower) or a vehicle.

- stay on established trails;
- do not surround, crowd or follow an animal;
- do not stalk or pursue wildlife;
- never follow an animal into the bush;
- do not feed wildlife or simulate animal calls.

The following distances are good to know:
100 metres from bears;
30 metres from all other large species;
200 metres from fox or wolf dens.

Embrace your new wildlife experience!

Support responsible entrepreneurs and owners of local small tourism businesses that promote sustainable economic growth in the villages suffering depopulation and brain drain at worrying levels. Support the ones that work hard for the community to keep young people in the villages - accommodation providers, leisure activity providers, food service providers, sightseeing/tours providers, or adventure sports providers. Thank you!

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