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Impressive rocky outcrop - Klanjalica on Licka Pljesivica

In the immediate vicinity of the Gola Pljesivica peak, a massive and more resistant part of the otherwise soft rocks resisted strong geomorphological processes over millions of years and formed a dramatic elongated rock known as rocky outcrop.

The limestones and dolomites are common in many parts of the Republic of Croatia, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, and cover around 10% of the land surface of our planet. Karst mountains are made of limestone, dolomite, and gypsum and all have in common the fact that they are soluble rocks. This means they can be easily broken down by certain acids, including the acids sometimes found in rainfall or in the surface water. Over time, acid breaks down the limestone and creates sinkholes, caverns, or rocky outcrops.

Rocky outcrop is formed through erosion, a process which may take millions of years. Heat, water and chemical reactions shape the exposed and more resistant limestone rock producing some complex rock formations and dramatic landforms. Our impressive rocky outcrop is called Klanjalica and is located near Licka Pljesivica’s northern peak Gola Pljesivica.

Klanjalica is highly scenic and, together with the Gola Pljesivica peak, has significant scientific values associated with their structural geology, but also rich and diverse fossil deposits. Check out our limestone rocky beauty that strongly dominates the landscape and always captures attention of nature and photography fans.

Find more interesting info about the magnificent Licka Pljesivica under Explore Local.

!! Beware of your direct sun exposure, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.; and always wear sunscreen, suitable clothing, a hat, and sunglasses - hydrate your body!!

The trail is maintained by the MC "Mrsinj" from Korenica and leads from the center of Korenica to the summit. The MC members are excellent guides too, which we warmly recommend to ensure a safe, fun, and informative climb!

Plan the ascent well ahead; arrange all details (date, time, etc.) and leave nothing to chance:
Mountaineering Club "Mrsinj"
Zagrebacka 13, Korenica

Help us preserve valuable natural resources for future generations:

- walk or ride a bike 
- take litter with you
- cherish wildflowers 
- respect wild animals - we are on their territory.

Join our Green Mission! Thank you for caring!

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