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Most health tourism today focuses on pampering and wellness. Pampering involves services such as massages, herbal wraps and exfoliating scrubs that offer a relaxing yet therapeutic experiences, and wellness that involves helping healthy people prevent problems so they stay well, both physically and mentally. Sometimes this means offering diagnostic testing to identify potential problems, and, if needed, we can then offer you health services ranging from preventive medicine and health-conductive treatments to rehabilitation and curative medicine - you can find more info under GWT2P Health & Well-Being Services.

Preventive care is the most important step you can take to manage your health. Treat yourself to a complete and revitalizing GWT2P vacation combining outdoor activities and holistic wellness and spa experiences. 

Find your balance with wellness & spa programs:
(centers in alphabetical order)

In view of the current situation, be sure to plan and arrange all details ahead:

- check the current terms of services;
- make contact at least 7 days before the desired arrival, especially if you plan a weekend trip.

Hotel Emporium
Dr. Irfana Ljubijankića 90, Bihać, BA
tel: +387(0)37 316-600
wwwHotel Emporium
Newly opened wellness-spa center with modern equipment and experienced staff offers individual approach. Emporium Spa program includes a Finnish sauna, sensual oil massage, and a relaxation zone.

Hotel Jezero
HR 53231 Plitvička Jezera, HR
tel: +385(0)53 751-500; fax:+385(0)53 751-600
wwwHotel Jezero
Spa zone surrounded by blue-green lakes offers a whirlpool massage, two finnish saunas, a turkish steam bath, a fitness room, and a massage salon - all for relaxation and rest.

Hotel Kostelski buk
Kostela bb, Bihać
tel: +387(0)37 302-340
Kostelski buk Wellness, Spa & Gym center offers a Finnish sauna, a Turkish steam sauna, a relaxation area with warm chairs, and the hydromassage bathtub. They also offer a well-equipped gym.

Hotel Opal Exclusive
Krupska bb, Bihać, BA
tel: +387(0)37 224-183; fax:+387(0)37 224-183
wwwHotel Opal Exclusive
The hotel offers a Finnish sauna, a relaxation area, a fitness room and therapeutic massages.

Wellness centar Venus
Bihaćkih branilaca 14, Bihać, BA
tel: +387(0)37 310-800
wwwWellness Centar Venus
Venus offers a wide variety of facial and body care programs, a sauna, and decorative beauty treatments.

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