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We are here for your spirit and body, wishing to offer you nothing less than a fulfilling holiday with happy memories - and improved health!

Get the best of our nature therapy, our natural wonders - 2Parks, and equally wondrous local communities. Envelop yourself in the rhythms and healing power of nature, relax and relieve symptoms of both physical and psychological distress.

Let's remind ourselves of calming and balancing benefits of the human-nature relationship:

- just being in a preserved natural environment helps lower our blood pressure and pulse, helps stabilize our breathing and the heartbeat, increase our mental clarity, and alleviate stress and anxiety
- being physically active in nature further improves our heart and lung health, boosts our energy and endurance, improves our muscle strength, and increased oxygen levels in our tissues help our cardiovascular system work more efficiently.

In addition to all that, when we exercise our body releases endorphins, “happy hormones”, in our brains so you will be very happy with us here because we've plenty of sporting activities in store for you, on land, on and in the water, and even in the air (e.g. paragliding;)! For a complete holistic experience, we recommend a combination of outdoor sports activities and relaxation through our wellness and spa programs - more under GWT2P Wellness & Spa Programs. 

Just in case you need more help and expert attention, we would also like to offer you health and well-being services ranging from preventive medicine and health-conductive treatments to rehabilitation and curative medicine.

The Polyclinic Muminović
Ulica 5. Korpusa br. 1, Bihać
: +387 37 229-780
The Polyclinic is physician-owned and run with some of the most respected physicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They offer a range of services: ultrasound (US) and laboratory diagnostic using high quality medical diagnostics devices; services in gynecology, pediatrics, urology, cardiology, dermatology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, physical medicine and rehabilitation as well as aesthetic and dermatology services. In the Day Surgery Unit (DSU) they perform surgeries in local and general anesthesia.

The Polyclinic MedicoOral-AS
Džemala Bijedića 19, Bihać
phone: +387 37 310-745
The Polyclinic MedicoOral -AS is also physician-owned and run with top medical experts. Thanks to high quality services, they have gained the confidence and loyalty of numerous clients in the local and wider regional area. They are equipped with high quality medical devices and provide health services according to the highest standards in dental medicine as well as gynecology and orthopedics. They also offer digital X-ray diagnostics of jaws for further dental and surgical procedures, ultrasound and electrocardiogram (ECG) diagnostics as well as biochemical testing. 

The Polyclinic MEDICA
Ivana Gorana Kovačića 1, Bihać,
phone:+387 37 310-207
The Polyclinic Medica is physician-owned and run with some of the most respected physicians. They offer magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), abdominal ultrasound examinations, complete cardiac and internal examination; electrocardiogram (ECG), doppler ultrasound, and color doppler as well as aesthetic dermatology procedures and services.

The beginning of every bright smile starts with dental care and finding the right dentist at affordable prices:

Dental practice UnaDent
Mehmed Spahe 6, Bihać
phone: +387 61 174 546
PhD Afan Halilagić, is an oral surgery specialist; he offers services in implantology, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, prosthetics, radiological analysis, and periodontology.

Dental practice Zdrav osmjeh
Jovana Bijelića 3, Bihać
cell: +387 61 806-491
web: zdrav-osmijeh
PhD, primarius doctor Ino Altić, specialist in dental prosthetics offers a full range of dental services.

Dental practice DentalArt
Dr. Irfana Ljubijankića, Bihać
cell: +387 61 699-317
PhD Rejhan Mujagić offers a range of dental services.

Whether you would like to heal and recover or just enjoy nature and maintain your good health - well, we are just perfect for you! Welcome!

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