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GWT2P Gastro Tour Licko Patrovo Selo - Ripac

If you are still required to be under quarantine - don't give up, keep your spirit strong despite the measures, and when conditions become right we will be awaiting you with numerous recuperative activities!

From 2Parks to local communities - experience the beauty of GWT2P destination and the variety of culinary traditions on both sides of the border.  

Restaurant businesses are always a big challenge for owners, especially those in rural areas, so we would like to draw your attention to a new 3* hotel in the village of Licko Petrovo Selo near our future major tourist attraction - the Zeljava air base, and the other on the Bosnian side that offers lovely Float & Dine experience.

In view of the current situation, be sure to plan and arrange all details ahead:

- check the current terms;
- make contact at least 7 days before the desired arrival, especially if you plan a weekend trip, because the number of visitors per group is often limited;
- follow the weather forecast so you don’t get deprived of new experiences.

Hotel Big House Plitvice Lakes in Croatia
In addition to accommodation, the hotel owns and manages a restaurant with a rustic vibe; they serve customized traditional dishes with meat, fish and vegetables as well as beverages and desserts. The restaurant features a traditional open wood-burning oven /grill placed in the center of a restaurant which creates lovely atmosphere.
Licko Petrovo Selo 112/1
tel: +385(0) 919 437 4887

Restaurant River Dock in Bosnia and Herzegovina
"Float & Dine", enjoy a fabulous and unique dining experience. Take an intimate cruise on a traditional wooden river boat and experience a floating feast as you take in the inspiring sights of the River Una. River Dock Restaurant is located in Ripac by the River Una and offers local specialties, barbecue, and fresh trout.
Ripac, Bihac 
tel: +387(0)37 316-600 

Visit our local restaurants and enjoy a wealth of tastes and flavors!   

Enrich your gastronomic experience and tour some of our natural and cultural attractions in the area! 

For inspiration, see our Events & Activities Calendar.

Bon appetit!

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