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Gata Source - Bosnian Ancient Healing Spa

The lovely village of Velika Gata is definitely one of those places that are worth visiting. Gata is widely known for its spring of healing water whose history of use dates back to ancient times, but also for its nice walking trails and delicious bites.

The high quality of the thermo-mineral water of the Gata spring was confirmed in the past by scientific research and Gata was then even ranked 2nd in Europe in terms of the quality and strength of its medicinal properties. Today, we can rely on data obtained by the researcher Prof Ratomir Tišma, MD, PhD, DMedSc, which has proved the high quality and the healing power of the Gata thermo-mineral water; confirming that:

- Gata is rich in electrolytes; most abundant cations present in the Gata water are calcium, sodium and magnesium, and to a lesser extent potassium, while the top 3 of the most abundantly present  anions are sulfate, hydrogen carbonate and chloride;

- Gata is also rich in a wide variety of oligoelements or microelements, which is a rare occurrence in thermo-mineral waters. Gata boasts the presence of essential metals including lithium, arsenic, copper and cobalt, but also essential minerals (microminerals) like zinc, strontium, barium, manganese, molybdenum, cesium and selenium.

- Gata thermo-mineral water is mildly radioactive, and these low values of radon, radium and uranium have proven to be highly successful in increasing the cure rate in patients suffering from inflammatory rheumatic diseases and post-traumatic orthopedic conditions (conditions after fractures, sprains or dislocations).

Although still primarily a public health facility dedicated to the treatment of domestic residents / patients, Gata also accepts reservations for patients who make their own arrangements and have an original letter of recommendation written by their internist. Let's help Gata to flourish; for more information please use below contacts:

In view of the current situation, be sure to plan and arrange all details ahead:

ZU Lječilište Gata
Ilidžanska bb Gata. Bihac, BA
booking: +387(0)37 328-156 (Mon - Fri: 7:00 to 19:00; Sat - Sun:  7:00 to 14:00)

You can find a little bit more about this ancient thermal spring under Explore Local!


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