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Let’s create a new, parallel reality together; let’s imagine what we could do to recover our spirit and body. Clean, healthy Nature, outdoor recreational activities, and domestic food are our great allies so embrace them as soon as you can! Keep your spirits strong!

The combination of light music and an extraordinary gastronomic experience triggers numerous emotions.

Experience the sounds of eternal melodies joined with your new culinary experience of local specialties and desserts in the town of Bihac. Good music contributes to our experience and offers us the opportunity to indulge in a laid-back atmosphere while enjoying flavoursome food with friends.

In view of the current situation, be sure to plan and arrange all details ahead:
- check the current terms;
- make contact before the desired arrival, especially if you plan a weekend trip, because the number of guests is often limited.

Locations for Fine Food & Music experiences are:

Sofra Restaurant
Bosanska bb, Bihać
+387(0)37 223-380
Sofra regularly offers a combination of tastes and aromas of traditional Bosnian delicacies and gentle sounds of traditional Bosnian sevdalinka.

Kostelski buk Restaurant
The restaurant attracts attention with its selection of culinary combinations of national and international as well as traditional and modern cuisines - all in a beautiful setting and with appropriate music background.
Kostela bb, Bihać
phone: +387(0)37 302-340

Theatre-AS Restaurant
Ulica Petog korpusa bb, Bihać
+387(0)37 222-123
Theatre-As offers evenings of fine food and light evergreen music every Wednesday.

Indulge in your new positive experience!

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