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Debeljaca Trim Trail - autumn fitness challenge

Outdoor exercise is good for our body and mind, no matter the time of year. Get outside and reconnect with your body and nature.

Fill your lungs with oxygen on the Debeljača Trim Trail that will take you from the town of Bihac to the old and historic site of the medieval and later Ottoman town of Sokolac. Built in the summer of 2019 by proactive citizens of Bihac, the trail is approx. 3.5 km long and encourages both local citizens and visitor to access the historic site on foot, on bike, or by jogging, which means up to 1 hour of nice and healthy recreational activity. Eco and responsible! Have a great time!

Contacts for further information:
Bihac Tourist Board
(a young team of a newly established tourist board is ready to help with guides or tips and ideas)
Tel: +387 37 963 456


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