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Cross-country MTB Adventure Plitvice & Surroundings

Discover the local community that covers most of the Plitvice Lakes National Park total area; the one that ecompasses the impressive northern part of the beautiful Licka Pljesivica massif and once one of the largest underground military air bases in Europe. The Municipality of Plitvice Lakes offers enough challenges for a ride on two wheels - they have been working on a network of recreational trails for cyclists and the Cycling Club Orbis from Korenica collaborated on establishing the trails. Some of the Orbis members are also employees of the Croatian Forests taking daily care of forest areas where trails lead which makes them perfect guides.

In view of the current situation, be sure to plan and arrange all details ahead:
- check the current terms at least 7 days before the desired arrival, especially if you plan a weekend trip, because the number of visitors per group is often limited;
- follow the weather forecast so you don’t get deprived of new experiences.

Contact Orbis members via email for detailed arrangements:
Cycling Club Orbis, Korenica

Extend your cycling adventure and explore the nearby area that boasts a valuable natural site the Barac Caves, a beautiful educational trail Mlinica and the River Korana canyon (here, the river offers you the chance for a refreshing dip). Rakovica also boasts hard working cheesemakers and family farmers that offer a well-rounded variety of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables. All this, and more, can be introduced to you on two weels by the Cycling Club Crna Kraljica Plitvice from the Municipality of Rakovica; the Club is also a successful organizer of the MTB camp in Rakovica.

Contact the members via email for detailed arrangements:  
Cycling Club Crna Kraljica Plitvice, Rakovica

Regardless of the size of the group, you will be safe - your bike, your microbes, and you can safely embark on a beautiful bike tour of the Plitvice Lakes National Park and the surrounding area. An ample supply of clean air, beautiful nature, and gastronomic delights will strengthen your immunity and secure a complete recuperative experience, and when we add licensed guides, we add an extra attribute of safety to the entire experience.

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