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Corkova uvala - Ancient Virgin Forest

Plitvice Lakes National Park has secured several educational trails to present the impressive biodiversity of this protected area.

Step into a real virgin forest, take a walk down the educational path "Corkova uvala" and explore the forest whose undisturbed development cycle lasts for centuries. Thanks to the life processes freed from human influence, you will come across over 500 years old fir trees and 300 years old beech trees.

The trail can be accessed from the entrances 1 or 2 to the station 4 Labudovac - the starting point. 

In view of the current situation, contact your hosts and arrange all details ahead:

- check the current working hours and terms of visit;
- make contact at least 7 days before the desired arrival, especially if you plan a weekend trip, because the number of visitors per group is often limited;
- follow the weather forecast so you don’t get deprived of new experiences.

Enjoy the serenity of nature, discounts, cheaper tickets, and fewer crowds! Learn more about this unique and very old forest in the genuine ambience - the one of stillness and tranquility in which you can hear only natural sounds!

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