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BUF! Bihac Urlice Festival 2022!

The Art-Lab Association, together with the Bihac Tourist Board and the Bihac Cultural Center restarted the rock festival “Bihac Shouts” after more than twenty years! On Aug 23 and 24, 2019 a two-day rock music festival was held at the Bihac Vojno pitch, as well as a series of summer rock concerts "Bihac Summer Gigs"!

In 2020, the Festival was suspended due to the pandemic...

And in 2022, the BUF returns with 2 days of great live music, great musicians and bands; two days of fantastic vibes at the Vojno field / pitch, right next to the town's historic center!!

26.8.2022. at 8 p.m. (admissions from 7 p.m.)
Electronic Night
Great local musicians doing amazing things as pioneers of electronic music in the region, they have been active for 20 years, and this first night you will be enchanted by DJ Inis, DJ Elm and DJ Irfan F!!

The same SOUNDKIPPERS crew of music enthusiasts organizes the great Imperium Summer Festival: this year from 5 - 7 August 2022, more details under the date 5 August 2022!!

27.8.2022. at 8 p.m. (admissions from 7 p.m.)
Rock'n'Roll Night
Tight Grips (HR) - a great rock band from Karlovac in Croatia; they've been delighting and pulling the audience into their performances since 2014.
Retro (BA) - one of the best local Classic Rock Cover Bands, the next generation of Bihac rock musicians will tonight present their own songs too.
Life on Wheels (D) – an exceptional fusion of artists and music genres and styles. They come from Munich, but the frontmen Ernest Hodžić and Haris Hodžić hail from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tonight, together with the rest of their great band, they will put up an enchanting live performance.
Grefran (BA) – this excellent alternative noise post-rock band from Bihac has been on the scene since 1993. They will present their original works, and share with you their passion for Rock'n'Roll and live music.

BUF to remember - 26 and 27 August 2022!!

BUF Promoters:
ArtLab Artists Association
502. Viteske brdske brigade bb, Bihac 
cell: +387(0)61 819-754 Delijan Malkoc

Ticket price: 3 KM
 will be a nice range of food and beverages available to buy within the stadium.

Let's Rock!

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