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Bihac clubbing...revive

If you are a music fan, tour some of the Bihac's nightclubs, microbes are neutralized and programs usually start around 20.00 or 21,00 (Fridays and Saturdays) and host local bands and singers. 

It might interest you to know that Bihac has a long-standing rock'n'roll tradition. Some of the most famous musicians and bands in the former Yugoslavia emerged from this town, like Divlje Jagode Band.
 One more reason to come to Bihac!

Programs get published a couple of days before the performances, and the ones with regular weekend programs are:

Club Piramida, Dobrih bošnjana bb, Bihać
Irish Bihać Shamrock Pub, Muhsina Rizvića bb, Bihać
Libar Book bar & Lounge, Bosanskih banova 35, Bihać

Young forces carry on the tradition, check them up! 


Yes, when we have to shake things up, we have to do just that, and this is precisely what the indigenous citizens of Bihac did!

The Art-Lab Association from Bihac, the Bihac Tourist Board and the partner, Bihac Cultural Center, restarted the rock festival “Bihac Shouts”. After more than twenty years, on Aug 23 and 24, 2019 a two-day rock music festival was held at the Bihac playfield Vojno, and this summer we hope the rock'n'roll vibes will revive.

Let's join together to support, activate and celebrate the force of culture; if you are close by join us for future cultural and musical events!

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