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Apitherapy - Powerful Bee Sound Therapy

One of the most powerful "sound therapy" methods is to use the sounds of nature to calm and soothe. Not only will you learn to relax, but you will heal. By bringing about a more positive state of mind, your entire body and life works a whole lot better, because positive thought and positive activity can rewire our brain and act upon brain neurons to improve our health.

Positive state of mind helps to fight stress and thus helps protect our immune system. We experience significantly less anxiety and depression, and have greater ability to fight off disease, improve heart health and the brain's executive function.

The frequency of the hum that we hear from a bee is due to the beats of its wings. In various studies the figure is about 150 to 200 beats per second or 150 to 200 Hz - which is well within the acoustic range. This sound has a very calming effect on us, which we can further enhance with deep diaphragmatic breathing (also called abdominal or belly breathing). So indulge your senses with the "music" of this amazing insect, relax your mind, and then enjoy a range of healthy natural honey products.

Support the development of these micro locations of health and knowledge, help beekeepers who offer us a valuable assistance in raising awareness of importance of bees and the value of bee products for our health. Contact hardworking and very important beekeepers and arrange details:

In view of the current situation, be sure to plan and arrange all details ahead:

- check the current terms;
- make contact at least 7 days before the desired arrival, especially if you plan a weekend trip, because the number of visitors per group is often limited;
- follow the weather forecast so you don’t get deprived of new experiences.

Cubric Family Farm, Korita 22, Rakovica, HR
cell: Brigita +385(0)91 573-8059 - Milan +385(0)47 784-291
In addition to beneficial apitherapy, the Cubrić family produces high quality natural honey and various honey and beeswax products.

Excursion site Bammbilend, Midžići, Bihac, BA
Mob: +387(0)61 578-055
Mr. Sammir Midžić, a beekeeper and a poet from Bihac has an apiary in the village Midzici overlooking the town of Bihac and Pljesevica Mountain (Licka Pljesivica). He is one of the local pioneers in apitourism; in addition to a range of bee products, he also offers a bee sound therapy.

 Thank you for visiting and supporting the beekeepers!

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