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Agritourism Farm Cardaklije Winter Wonderland

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There are great ways to combat the winter season, we can go back to the old days, spend some time getting to know local people, traditional costumes and gastronomy. Look at it as a season to enjoy and embrace something new. Greet the chill with joy, embrace winter activities in the great outdoors and cosy indoors.

Depending on the season, beautiful household Čardaklije offers several interactive programs:
- small therapeutic farm works
- eco workshops
- photo safari
- sports activities
- and excellent local food.

Enjoy the magic of nature, Čardaklije, and the Una National Park - contact your hosts and arrange a genuine rural holiday.

Čardaklije seosko domaćinstvo
tel: +387(0)66 810-000
mob: +387(0)66 809-400

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