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All foreign nationals who are holders of valid Schengen documents, as well as national visas and residence permits of Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Romania do not require an additional (Croatian) visa for Croatia.

Here you can find additional information about the visa regimeVisa requirements overview
All inquiries about the Croatian Visa system can be directed to the e-mail:

Travel Documents

Required travel documents when entering Croatia:

  • any EU Member State / EU/EEA citizens may enter Croatia with a valid personal identification card (issued after January 1, 2003) the same as with a valid passport
  • a third-country national must have avalid for at least another three months after the planned departure from Croatia and issued within the previous 10 years (e.g. an third-country national staying in Croatia until 26 July 2017 has to hold a passport valid at least until 27 October 2013).

Further information is available here: MVEP travel information

Short-term Stay Registration Procedure 

The short-term stay of up to 90 days must be registered within 2 days from the date of entry:

  • a foreign nationals who are not nationals of an EEA member state are required to register for a short-term stay on his/her own within 2 days from the date of entry
  • if not done by the foreign national in person, the short-term stay shall be registered by the accommodation provider (commercial accommodation providers - hotels, hostels, camping sites etc., and non-commercial accommodation providers – relatives, friends etc.) within 1 day od from the arrival of the foreign national
  • a short-term stay shall be reported with the Police Department in charge by the place of accommodation of the foreign national, and it may also be effected online

Further information is available here: MVEP granting stay in Croatia

Reference Amounts Required

When entering the Republic of Croatia the border police is authorized to seek from the foreign resident a proof of sufficient funds for the length of their proposed visit in Croatia and for a return trip back or to the third country. The amount of funds is equal to 100 EUR per day for every day of the stay in Croatia.

If the person possess a certified letter of guarantee of a natural or legal person from the Republic of Croatia, a voucher or proof of a paid travel package or other similar document the foreign resident is obliged to present the proof of only 50 EUR per day of proposed visit to Croatia on request of the border control police officer.

Rules of Conduct in the Border Crossing Area                        

Movement and stopping in the border crossing zone shall only be permitted for persons who intend to cross the state border or who have already crossed it and remain at the border crossing point due to border control.

Travelers and other people who are in the border crossing zone have to comply with instructions and orders of the official police officer conducting the border control.

A fine of 100,00 to 1 000,00 Croatian Kunas shall be imposed on a  person if:

  • the person is moving or stopping in the zone of the border crossing without the intention of crossing the state border or without any other justified reason
  • the person is residing in the zone of the border crossing longer than permitted by the bilateral agreements (article 5. Of the Regulation (EZ), No. 1931/2006).

Traffic and Road Conditions

You can find current traffic and road conditions hereHAK

Tourist Tax (Sojourn Tax) 2018

The tourist tax per person and by night ranges from:
  • 4,50 - 8,00 HRK in high season;
  • 3,00 - 6,00 HRK in the shoulder season;
  • 2,50 - 5,00 HRK in the low season.
One more reason to enjoy the beauty of nature out of the high season!
More on classes and prices: Tourist Tax 2018

Important Phone Numbers

112 – Unique emergency number in Europe
1. Dialing 112, you can report any emergency, an accident, a threat to human lives, property, environment or cultural heritage.
2. You can dial 112 emergency number 24 hours a day, regardless of where you are located in Croatia.
3. This phone number is free of charge and can be dialed from all mobile or fixed networks and phones.

Dial 112 only for these urgent cases

  • sirious injury;
  • big fires;
  • if you are in danger and need police assistance;
  • if you (seriously!) need the Mountain Rescue Service help;
  • or need help of other emergency units and operative services for protection or rescue.

When dialing 112, provide the information following information

  • who is calling;
  • what happened;
  • where it happened;
  • when it happened;
  • how many injured are there;
  • what kind of help is needed.

Mountain Rescue Service - Station Gospić
tel: +385(0)91 721-0007

Tourist Board of the Plitvice Lakes Municipality
Trg sv. Jurja 6, 53230 Korenica
phone/fax: +385(0)53 776-798
Working hours: Monday to Friday 07:00-15:00 h

Post office 
Post office Plitvice Lakes
Mukinje bb Street
phone: +385(0)53 774-220

Privredna banka Zagreb
Office the Plitvice Lakes National Park - hotel Belleuve
phone: +385(0)53 553-106
Exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank (HNB): Exchange Rates

Remark: long queues are possible in the Exchange offices!
All credit cards are accepted.

Taxi: +385(0)91 262-2621, +385(0)91 508-3621, +385(0)98 245-315
Road conditions call center: +385(0)72 777-777
Road assistance - Croatian Automobile Club (HAK): +385(0)1 1987

Rules of Conduct in Plitvice Lakes NP

Before the entrance to the national park, please read the Park Rules carefully: Rules of Conduct

Visit the following link, help us preserve natural heritage for future generations, thank you!

Active Alerts

Important and timely information that may affect your visit to the Park:

Notification to Travel Agencies

  • all groups entering the Plitvice Lakes National Park have an obligation to hire either a tourist guide, a tour escort  or an employee of the Public Institution ‘Plitvice Lakes National Park’ who is an accredited professional guide in the Park;
  • tourist guide and tour escort services may not be performed by foreign citizens from the EU member states, unless they have obtained a license from the Ministry of Tourism of Croatia.

Winter conditions

  • from 13th of November, 2017., Upper Lakes are closed. Only the Lower Lakes are open for visitation. (Lake tour programmes)

More hereActive Alerts

Ticket Prices 2018

Visitor category

Period – price per person for 1 day


1.1. - 31.3.
1.11. - 31.12. **

1.4. - 30.06.
1.9. - 31.10.

1.7. - 31.08.





Adults – Groups* (up to 15 visitors)








Students – Groups *




Children 7 – 18 years




Children 7 – 18 years - Groups*




Children below 7 years of age





Visitor category

Period – price per person for 2 day


1.1.- 31.03.
1.11. - 31.12. **

1.4. - 30.06.
1.9. - 31.10.

1.7. - 31.08.









Children 7 – 18 years




  • The price includes electric boat rides on Lake Kozjak and panoramic train rides, visitor insurance, and VAT.
  • *At least 15 people per group. Please book a guide in advance at the Sales Office.
  • The group of visitors has to be announced in advance and must be accompanied by tour leader with the proper local license for guiding in Licko-Senjska administrative region or by the person who holds the license for tour leading services for the Republic of Croatia.
  •  ** In this period panoramic trains and electric boats do not operate, tours are possible on foot. Daily information on possible tours depending on the weather is available at the Park Entrance.

Working Hours

Park is open every day of the year, including Sundays and public holidays.
Working  hours are from 08:00 to 19:00  -  TICKET SALES UNTIL 17:00.
From 1.11. - 1.4. working hours are from 08:00 to 16:00 - TICKET SALES UNTIL 14:00.
Entrances to the park: 1 - Rastovača, 2 - Hladovina and the Auxiliary Entrance II - Flora.
From 1.11. - 1.4. you may use entrances: 1 - Rastovača and the Auxiliary Entrance 2 - Flora (08:00 – 16:00).
Parking zones: 1 - Rastovača, 2 - Hladovina (charging from 1.4.)
From 1.11. - 1.4. parking is free.

Please, whenever possible walk, jog, cycle or use public transport to reach the Park, thank you!

Additional information:

  • Entrance: +385(0)53 751-026
  • Reservations – Sales office: +385 (0)53 751-014; +385(0)53 751-015 

Have an eventful and memorable stay in GWT2P destination!

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